learning English 2

Hi, my name atika. First time learning English when I was 7 years old. I really do not understand what described my English teacher, it is difficult to follow the direction of the tongue from my teacher. But fortunately I finally understood and can adjust how to read. Memorize vocabulary stay very much.

From the beginning of elementary school I prefer conversation English than the English language by the formula present tense, past tense, and others are more difficult to understand. The value of the English language I always get the best. Especially during the conversation with the English language test with my friends we also got a satisfactory value. I am very pleased with this achievement. I learned English just got out of class. I never take a course like my friends do.

But I never ignore it. I studied at home with brothers and sisters. But I finally realized that I rely learned at home was less effective. Finally I followed les near the house. Incidentally friends my classroom is one of my friends at school.

I survive in a place les just a few weeks. Because there are several events that make me sad and I was not able to focus on learning. One incident was when I was following a study diruang class and I always missed in answering questions, and my teacher was comparing me with my friend who is able to master the material he explained. I initially did not think about it. But it happens over and over again.

I am very upset with the treatment of my teacher. Finally, with a heavy heart I stop following les english. Do not know why, to the extent that I’m a little bit afraid to return following les though different place. Should a teacher do not do things that make a child pupil sad like that. Finally I just learned at home with brothers who always guided me patiently.

Name: Atika Robiyatul Aulia

Class : 3eb24

NPM : 21212236


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