Name : Atika Robiyatul Aulia

Class : 3EB24

NPM : 21212236

My Name Is Atika Robiyatul Aulia. I am a student at the University of Gunadarma. I’m one of 36 students in school classrooms; 3EB24. Talking about hobbies, hobby, now there are some I love, the first is the art of decorating the hands or henna called art. I’m glad to do this hobby because I think the art is very beautiful and easy to learn. I learned the art of henna tutorial on youtube and the first try on my own hands, the results are very satisfying. I’m very thrilled.

There are several models or patterns that I can create your own.Henna art need concentration within the thoroughness, chiefly, patience and creativity. My hobby is my new start living, because initially interested in seeing my friend using henna on her hands.Henna art is not to be applied to the hands only, can be on paper, book cover, mobile case, and nails.

Apart from that I learned the art of drawing 3 dimensional or 3D called art.Just like henna art but 3D art level of difficulty is higher because of the need to use creativity and imagination are in line with the movement of the hand in the first drawing, I try it out which I feel is the difficulty in making the effects of 3 dimensions.

Then I also learned the art of sound music instruments from vote some mouth or commonly referred to as Beatboxing. See the tutorial several times from youtube, I can get some votes to be dikuasi a beatbox. Which consists of kick, Snare, Hihat, Hihat. And the pattern that now I’m Ahold is a simple pattern. I am so glad to get a little master beatbox. Some of this hobby is just to fill empty time only. every day I live a pretty solid akitivitas, started a Sorority, became a laboratory assistant and live activities as the son of kost.

As a student, now I’m level 3 semester 6. I left for college every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the rest are other activities such as teaching and aslab.Every day wake up at 5 in the morning, pray Fajr, showering and getting ready to go to College in accordance with a predetermined schedule. Things I love about empty hours when I was gathered with friends, joking, chatting, telling me about any thing, eating, working on assignment together, watch movies together, grieve, and corroborate when there are problems. They always accompany my days. And I loved them. When I came home in the afternoon or evening from the College I underwent the activity as the son of kost others such as washing clothes, cooking your own food and others.

Living in a women’s boarding it is fun, there are many benefits that I now get that build self-sufficiency, such as cooking, washing, managing money, frugality, not selfish, tolerance on each other, should be able to socialize with the different character of each individual and the most important thing is be responsible for yourself. The most fun became a son of kost is I can play with the saturation with friends fun kost, such as chat or discuss something in bed, watch tv, eat dinner, make food. All done together-together. This will not just be felt like was done at home.

Now I also became a lab assistant, I felt some benefits such as I’m learning is responsible for the job, working in a team, get the science support the lectures. And the most important thing is that we learn to speak and be heard by the crowd, get new friends, and earn money every month.

Become a lab Assistant does look easy and always fun. However, this must all missed some process that is full of struggle and many challenge. Here I learned to always fight to get the things I want, because I am sure there is not an instant way to get something, always optimistic and believe in the ability of yourself, and have the mental strength to face all the challenges that come.

The task became Assistant lab is the same as a lecturer. But it is not taught in school classrooms; but in a specialized laboratory with multiple computers. In this lab I teach my brothers senior level 4. Teach senior is not an easy thing. Sense when dealing with nervous praktikan it is very large. If it’s not smart to set a definite science, nervous we will give will be lost for granted. Moreover, the praktikan met with his thinking critically, praktikan who thinks his opinion is always right, and I should be able to answer them clearly and convincingly.

All of this activity, a hobby and I live each day with zest and without giving up. I’m very happy to get through it because all its useful for me. Although it sometimes feel bored, I’m still raring to go with a smile. And now, I can be myself better.